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Notified Chilean fans banned from returning to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

publicado: 20/06/2014 10h21, última modificação: 23/12/2017 09h04

Rio de Janeiro/RJ (19 June 2014) - The Brazilian Federal Police have officially notified all foreign fans involved in yesterday's incident at the Maracanã FIFA Media Center (RJ). The notified Chilean fans have a maximum of 72 hours to leave Brazil. The fans include one minor who was also notified together with his father.

The data collected on these fans was entered into the Brazilian Federal Police's immigration system (stating the reason for the action taken), and as a result these citizens will be inadmissible throughout national territory should they try to return to Brazil during the World Cup.

The notifications were recorded in the passports and entry tags of the Chilean fans. Any Brazilian public official who checks the documentation produced by the foreign fans involved in the incident will know exactly how long they can stay in Brazil. If any such official verifies that the established deadline has expired, he/she must refer the citizen(s) in question to the closest Brazilian Federal Police unit for summary deportation.

International Cooperation
Due to international agreements established with these countries, Paraguayans, Argentines, Chileans and Uruguayans can enter Brazil producing only their identity cards. Upon entry into Brazil, those citizens receive a document called an 'entry tag' (tarjeta). The entry tag must be produced to Brazilian authorities during travel within the country and also proves both regular entry into Brazil and the length of stay.

For the citizens who presented their passport for entry into Brazil’s national territory (as was the case of two of the Chilean fans), this information is entered directly in the travel document.

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